where can i buy lottery ticket because i live in mississippi

  • [QA] Where is the cheapest place to buy an airline ticket?

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    Okay, I live in Mississippi, USA. I'm flying to New Zealand. I'm going to fly from the airport in New Orleans and probably land at the one in New Zealand at Churchill. I know I will probably have to...

    Answer: http://kayak.com [View All]

  • [QA] Where can I find a Goju-Ryu School here in mississippi, I live near hattiesburg.?

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    Answer: random, but there is a gojuryu guy in town that is sort of hard to find...... teaches a small group privately and will only teach you after he spends some time with you.... I used to know him when I... [View All]

  • [Blog] Struck by Lightning

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      Phoenix, Arizona Friday, March 30, 2012 Lottery fever claimed the city of Phoenix today. In fact, it claimed the attention of nearly everyone in the USA. The... [View All]

  • [QA] Where should I live..Colorado or Tennessee?

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    I'm getting advice from everyone. All friends and family, and of course myself. However, I'd like to hear what other people think.~Right now, I live in Scotland. I came here to visit and I fly back...

    Answer: Colorado for sure. I mean if you honostly think that you can get a better job in Denver than in Memphis than move to Denver. I'm not saying Denver is a better city than Memphis cause in my opinion it... [View All]

  • [QA] Where can I buy HAwaiian Purple Potato Plants?

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    I need to find the Hawaiian Sweet Potato Plant to grow in Mississippi. Can anyone help me find a place on the web or a store to have it shipped here? Thanks!

    Answer: The previous answer that calculus gave is probably the best source for you. The Okinawan sweet potato is the purple one which is grown locally in Hawaii. [View All]

  • [QA] Hi im a 14 years old i live in a small town in Mississippi and i want 2 move 2 Katy, TX can someone help me?

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    see i just came back from Katy, TX and i see how much better my life would be if i move out there but i dont think my mom feels the same way the town i live in i really hate it its full of thugs and...

    Answer: There are only two highschool in katy, and it sucks and full of racist ignorant kids. I live in Sugar Land, it's a classier version of Katy. Come to Sugar Land man, you're welcome here as long as... [View All]

  • [QA] What is it like living in Mississippi?

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    What Is It Like To Live In Mississippi?According to you, what are your:PROs / CONs?Likes / Dislikes?Parents want to buy a house out there because they said they are much cheaper & better taxes (then...

    Answer: I grew up and reside in Alabama near the Mississippi line. There are some of the things you mentioned racial tension, accents, and poor education in certain areas. The Jackson metro area is nice as... [View All]

  • [QA] Where can i get a free airline ticket?

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    I would like to go to Mississippi to see my children but cant really afford an airline ticket.Im on disability.DO you know how i can get a free one are one at a really cheap price.Ive tried priceline...

    Answer: There are, to my knowledge, no places that offer free airline tickets under those circumstances. Your best bets are either to use a website such as Priceline or Hotwire to see if a bid would be... [View All]

  • [QA] Job possibility in Pascagoula, Mississippi?

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    I have an opportunity to take a job with a major defense contractor on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. I'm considering it because it has upward mobility (potential) and the cost of living is so much...

    Answer: I lived in Pascagoula for 5 years, and my daughter was born there. I loved it. I was from New Orleans, and they considered me an outsider for a while. Once I learned to sound like the locals, I... [View All]

  • [QA] Where can I find prices on a Mississippi river cruise?

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    I am thinking of sending my parents on a Mississippi river cruise for their 50th anniversary. Still a couple of years away but starting early. Anyway anyone know a website or any Information to help?

    Answer: VacationsToGo has a section on "river cruises", and that is a good place to start. (www.vacationstogo.com) You can find the names of the one or two companies with paddlewheelers and contact them... [View All]