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  • [QA] How are the beaches and nightlife in La Ceiba, Honduras?

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    I have a trip booked in January with a friend for a week. We are flying into San Pedro Sula and from there we will just go to La Ceiba and stay there for a week. Our main concern is having a great...

    Answer: First, you probably should head over to and read a little. That forum is exactly suited to what appears to be your travel interest. That said, I am an American living in Ceiba... [View All]

  • [Hotel] El Cid La Ceiba Beach

    Address: Carratera A Chankanaab Km 4 5   

    Location. El Cid La Ceiba Beach is located on the beach in Cozumel, close to Palacio Municipal, La Plaza Cozumel, and Museo de la Isla de Cozumel. Chankanaab National Park is also a point of interest... [View All]

  • [Hotel] El Cid La Ceiba Beach - Cozumel

    Address: Carratera A Chankanaab Km 4 5   

    Location. Situated on a Cozumel beach, this spa property is close to Tourist Information Office, San Miguel de Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico and Palacio Municipal. Features. El Cid La Ceiba Beach... [View All]

  • [Hotel] COCO PANDO RESORT HOTEL - La Ceiba

    Address: Km 188 San Pedro Sula   

    The Coco Pando Resort Hotel is located in La Ceiba, Honduras 1.6 kilometers from La Ceiba 6.1 kilometers from La Ceiba Goloson Intl. Airport (LCE) ... [View All]

  • [Hotel] Hotel Palma Real-all Inclusive - La Ceiba

    Address: Km 20 Carretera La Ceiba   

    Location. This all-inclusive hotel is located in La Ceiba. Features.At this all-inclusive property meals and beverages at on-site restaurants and bars, taxes, and gratuities are included in room... [View All]

  • [QA] Are La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula good places to vacation in Honduras?

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    How are the beaches in La Ceiba? Are there hotels for around $25 a night? Are there a lot of women to meet there for single American guys?

    Answer: As the previous answerer said, Tela has nice beaches and the hotels are cheap. I did stay in Tela back in 1997 right on the beach, $20 a night. The nightlife sucked though. Tela is a nice place to... [View All]

  • [Hotel] BARCELO LA AURORA - La Ceiba

    Address: Carrera Principal Tela La Ceib   

    The Barcelo La Aurora is located in La Ceiba, Honduras 1.8 kilometers from La Ceiba 6.7 kilometers from La Ceiba Goloson Intl. Airport (LCE) ... [View All]

  • [QA] Anybody know of a good hotel near the Futbol (soccer) stadium in La Ceiba, Honduras?

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    Got free tickets to 2 games for me and 3 friends but we need a hotel close to the stadium because we're low on money.

    Answer: Hi Brandon, There is a Hotel right next door to the stadium in La Ceiba, Honduras. It's called Hotel El Estadio, it's family owned, they're bilingual, it's clean, has WI FI, restaurant/bar, weekly... [View All]

  • [QA] Headed to La Ceiba, Honduras to watch Olimpia play, need hotel near the stadium?

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    Hopefully with extra beds for 4 guys sharing a room and a stove so we can cook our own food.

    Answer: There is a hotel right next door called Hotel El Estadio and I think they do have extra beds, microwaves and fridges. You can call them here and ask: Peter ... [View All]

  • [QA] Need cheap hotel in La Ceiba, Honduras hopefully with WI-FI for my laptop?

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    Need to find one with WI-FI so we can continue to play COD between watching futbol (soccer) at the stadium. 4 guys traveling together with laptops, backpacks and Olympia shirts, OH YEAH!

    Answer: COD=Call of Duty? LOLOL, just going from one game to another eh? I know Hotel El Estadio has extra beds for groups traveling together and they are located right next to the Futbol/Soccer stadium if... [View All]