who wa the lingerie model in christmas vacation movie

  • [Shopping] VICTORIA'S SECRET: Lingerie Magazine that every man has or should

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    What women in the city doesn’t know about Victoria’s Secret Lingerie? As you enter one of the beautiful stores you will find more men shopping (especially during Christmas time) for... [View All]

  • [Blog] The 10 Essential Purchases While in Paris

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      Paris, Île-de-France, France Monday, June 20, 2011 Updated!! During the planning phase of any trip, most travelers create a game plan... [View All]

  • [QA] Who sold the motor home in Christmas Vacation?

    Tag: Travel   

    Answer: Eddie sold all their belongings to buy the motorhome in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. ChaCha! [View All]

  • [QA] Is Leavenworth,WA a nice place to take a vacation on?

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    In washington? I'm thinking of going between now and christmas.

    Answer: It will be cold and snowy most likely, and Leavenworth will be decorated and promoting themselves as a "Bavarian Christmas" type destination. If you like cross country skiing, there are city trails... [View All]

  • [QA] What to buy someone for Christmas who's mad about Cruise Ships?

    Tag: Travel   

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can buy someone for Christmas who is mad about Cruises and Cruise Ships especially P&O ones?Obviously I can't afford to spend thousands to send them on one, and...

    Answer: How about a lovely travel diary and nice pen? You can find a wide variety at most book stores, and some even have world maps on the cover! [View All]

  • [QA] Has anyone went on an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana, after Christmas and through new years?

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    (ex. from the 28th of Dec to the 4th of Jan)preferably anyone who has stayed in a 4-5 star hotel/ resort?Iam wondering where you have booked from and the cost per personIam planning a trip and...

    Answer: Yes, many times, but thanks to God not in Punta Cana but in Puerto Plata ! (much better) [View All]

  • [QA] Vacation in Italy over Christmas/New Years?

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    I am planning a trip to Italy at the end of December- from the 24th- through January 4th or so. I have been trying to get some information on if that is a good time to go or not. I am getting mixed...

    Answer: It will be cold wherever you go in Italy at this time of year. But it's still a great time to visit Rome and Florence. However, I don't suggest Cinque Terra in winter. It will be cold, and probably... [View All]

  • [QA] How much money should I expect to spend on a Christmas vacation to San Luis, El Peten, Guatemala?

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    I'm planning to go to San Luis, Peten, Guatemala for a Christmas vacation this year. I have family who live there which I'm going to be staying with. My mom told me that my family expects me to take...

    Answer: Really depends on how many relatives you have, and what their economic condition is. Bring some toys for the smaller kids, and I don't know, I don't know these people. Your mom probably is the one... [View All]

  • [QA] Sea World San Antonio Christmas Vacation?

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    I would like some advice/feedback from anyone who has ever been to Sea World in San Antonio, TX in December. My husband and I would like to take our kids, ages 4 and 2, for our Christmas vacation...

    Answer: Oh its BEAUTIFUL!! they have a Christmas theme going on in December with Christmas carolers and everything! They even have an area where its actually snowing. However, they are only open on weekends.... [View All]

  • [QA] Where to find plus size lingerie?

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    I want to surprise my husband with something a little different for christmas.. I was looking for sexy plus size lingerie, but all i can find is online. I want to go to a store, so i can try it out...

    Answer: I am not sure of any stores in CA but you could try http://mypluslingerie.com I have bought many items such as plus size corsets and babydolls from this store in the past and they seem to run true to... [View All]