can you carry chewing tobacco through custom to mexico on vacation

  • [QA] Can i travel to cancun mexico with chewing tobacco?

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    traveling to cancun in a couple of weeks. can i take chewing tobacco in my checked luggage? if not, can i buy chewing tobacco in cancun mexico?

    Answer: obviously lol [View All]

  • [QA] What is the proper way of taking a couple packs of cigarettes through customs when entering Mexico?

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    I am going to mexico next week. I want to take a couple packs of smoke with me. Can I just keep them in my pocket or carry on, or do I have to fill out a form. I am just not sure the proper procedure...

    Answer: You can take up to 200 cigarettes with you into Mexico. In your carry on would be ok [View All]

  • [QA] Can you bring dj equipment from the US, for a wedding, into mexico or will you get charged at customs?

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    We are traveling from Chicago to mexico for our wedding. The resort charges an extreme amount for their dj service or makes you pay a whole nights stay if you bring in an alternate dj (not from their...

    Answer: I think an easier option would be to rent the gear from somewhere there (local) and not have to worry about the fees there and back. [View All]

  • [QA] What can I expect when going through customs?

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    We are going to Cancun the end of Oct and this is our first plane and trip to Mexico. I am sooo excited , but curious what happens when you go through customs?

    Answer: Really simple and nothing to fret over (Unless you have done something stupid like pack drugs or a gun). After you collect your bags you will wait in one of several lines for customs (Aduana) and... [View All]

  • [QA] Can you switch hotels through apple vacations when your already on your trip?

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    me and my boyfriend are leaving for mexico in a few days. ive been reading some reviews from our hotel, and they scare me. our agent booked through apple vacations. so i was wondering, if our...

    Answer: No,. why don't you book to apple vacation for the whole trip or try more vacation company that is more reasonable price. . . Check these out:…... [View All]

  • [QA] Are there taxis in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico that can carry passengers across the border into the U.S.?

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    My daughter and two little children need to return to the U.S. along with 3 large suitcases and some other stuff. She can't handle it all alone. It would be easy if she could get in a taxi and drive...

    Answer: Yes, there are taxis, both public (the kind you hail on a street) and private (the kind that don't have the taxi sign on the roof) that will take you across. The cost for these taxis is relatively... [View All]

  • [QA] Can i take a lighter through airport security (U.S.) ?

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    I'm traveling to Mexico for a vacation next month and I'm just wondering if I can bring a lighter in my carry-ons? If not can I atleast check it? I am a smoker (don't tell me I need to quit I know...

    Answer: From the TSA website: Common Lighters - Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage. Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage, unless they adhere to the Department of... [View All]

  • [QA] How can you bring water to mexico through the airport?

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    i wanna go to cancun next year and i know the water in mexico is bad and that you can't drink it, so many people carry their own water to mexico. But the airport just changed the rules and banned...

    Answer: Ok, there is soooo much misinformation on this subject. TAP water in most parts of Mexico may not be safe for drinking. EVERYONE in Mexico uses bottled water. It is available in every little store... [View All]

  • [QA] Can you pass a dog through the U.S. Border to Mexico?

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    were going on vacation to matehuala, mexico and i want to know if i can take my dachsund with me.

    Answer: Yes, you may. The dog needs a current rabies shot and exam and you need to carry his shot record and international health record. They may ask to see it or may not, but you better have the... [View All]

  • [QA] Can i bring a ivory carving through custom`s in mexico for a wedding gift for a U.S. citicen ?

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    Answer: The other answerers are correct. Also, even if you did get it into Mexico, the American Citizen could never bring it into the US, legally. The biggest concern I have is why would you want to?... [View All]