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  • [Warnings and Dangers] TERMAS! Best kept secret of...

    Tag: Strathcona Park   

    TERMAS! Best kept secret of Rio. Beware, you may fall in love :))) [View All]

  • [Things to Do] The Termas

    Tag: Strathcona Park   

    Because of the volcanic activity, there are a number of termas dotted around Pucon and surrounding areas. People bathe in the waters for its health giving properties for various ailments.I visited... [View All]

  • [QA] Are there any "termas" in Manaus,Brazil?

    Tag: Travel   

    I am wondering whether there are any termas in Manaus,similar to the Termas Centaurus or Solarium in Rio de Janeiro?

    Answer: Not as far as I know, go to salarium and don't take any risk. [View All]

  • [Transportation] Take the bus to Ouro Preto.

    Tag: Strathcona Park   

    You are very likely to arrive to Ouro Preto by bus as there is no airport and it´s far from the coast and few people would want to drive in their own car up there.This is no problem as the long... [View All]

  • [Hotel] Ipe Park Hotel

    Address: Rod Washington Luiz   

    Situated in downtown São Jose do Rio Preto, Ipe Park Hotel features offers a range of activities, including an outdoor pool, volleyball and football court. Wi-Fi and parking are free.Rooms at Ipe... [View All]

  • [Hotel] Hostal Del Sol Spa

    Address: Sarmiento 300   

    Hostal del Sol Spa is in the heart of Termas De Rio Hondo, opposite the City Hall. Accommodation includes free Wi-Fi, cable TV and private bathtub with thermal water.The air-conditioned suites also... [View All]

  • [Hotel] Quinta Da Maragoça - Turismo No Espaço Rural, Lda

    Address: Casa Da Maragossa   

    Just before Termas de S.Vicente on the road to Entre-os-Rios, Quinta da Maragoça is a group of houses, from the 17th century, offering a typical landscape of Douro Litoral. The murmuring fountains,... [View All]

  • [Nightlife] Discoteca Help: Rio nightlife for men

    Tag: Strathcona Park   

    Help Discoteca is great, but the area around Help can be dangerous, especially at night. Thats why its always good to have a tour giude when you are in Rio, especially for your first time. I am an... [View All]

  • [Local Customs] Carnaval

    Tag: Strathcona Park   

    Ouro Preto is a college town, which gives Carnaval here a special flavor. Hundreds of twenty-somethings descend on the town to celebrate with student friends. Hotels fill up early ; be sure to... [View All]

  • [Hotel] Comfort Saint Peter

    Address: Rua Ondina   

    Saint Peter offers accommodation with easy access to São José do Rio Preto´s main roads and malls. Rooms have LCD TV and minibar. Free Wi-Fi and free parking are available.The rooms at Comfort... [View All]

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