Wall of Intramuros

Wall of Intramuros

Address: Jolo, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines

Wall of Intramuros Travel Guide

  • [Favorites] HISTORICAL INTRAMUROS (Walled City)

    Favorite thing: Go to INTRAMUROS, the Walled City, and see FORT SANTIAGO which contains the José Rizal Shrine. A five-minute stroll away is the the MANILA CATHEDRAL with its beautiful stained... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Intramuros - walk within the walls!

    If you're a foreigner visiting Manila, this is the place to visit, specially if you are staying in nearby Ermita or Malate. It is the main historical landmark of Manila, but when I was younger, it... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Intramuros- The Walled City

    Enjoy the history and Spanish architecture of the city ,within the walls. Follow the steps of Jose Rizal,walk the grounds of Fort Santiago,sit in the garden,take a ride in a horse drawn carriage,tour... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Walled City of Intramuros

    Intramuros is a district in Manila which was built during the Spaniards during their colonization of the Philippines in the 16th century. The walled city served as fortress during wars.Presently, the... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Intramuros - Ancient Walls, New Usage

    Intramuros was the walled city founded by the Spanish in 1571. The Spanish ruling class lived inside the massive walls with seven gates. It is shaped like an uneven pentagon and covers almost 160... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Intramuros, 'The Walled City.'

    The walled city was laid out on a grid, with 51 blocks within an uneven pentagon, its massive walls breached by seven gates. Only Spaniards and Spanish mestizos were allowed to live inside; each... [More]

  • [Things to Do] walls around the intra-Muros

    Walking on the walls surrounding the old pirate city, is really beautiful. With the sea on one side and the city at the other side, you can start dreaming of the life of a sailor in the 17h century. [More]

  • [Favorites] Intra-Muros (Walled City)

    Favorite thing: The lovely old walled city of St-Malo was originally an island, becoming linked to the mainland by a sandy isthmus back in the 13th century. The old city is called Intra Muros,... [More]

  • [Blog] Intramuros: A Walk Through Time

      Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines Saturday, September 4, 2010 Intramuros: A Walk Through Time                It's... [More]

  • [Things to Do] Intramuros

    The walled city and the old capital of Manila. It was built in 1571 and remains monumental , a relic of the Spanish period in Philippine history. It is a city within a city, separated from the rest... [More]

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